Genesis Xplosion 17 (600′ Reel)

Genesis Xplosion 600′ Reel 17 (1.25)

TA multifilament string compromised of over 2000 filaments that are bonded and twisted together. Genesis Xplosion offers gut like performance without the premium price of most natural gut strings. Xplosion provides superior resiliency and maximum power. Utilizing special heating and cooling treatments, Genesis has achieved a very arm friendly string that offers great feel and touch. A polyurethane elastometer resin coating provides easier stringing and increased durability. This thinner 17 gauge offers more playability and feel.

  • Length: 600 ft/200m
  • Gauge: 17/1.25mm
  • Color: Natural
  • Construction: Multifilament
  • Advantage: Power, Feel, Touch

Price: $159.95

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