AVERY-The Best Racquet In The Game!

SUPER Light Stiff Racquets are many times the cause of Arm Problems.

It’s Simple Physics
A tennis ball weighs in at 57 grams and is coming at you from 30 mph to over 100 mph. When racquet and ball collide your racquet needs a certain amount of weight (or mass) to give you the best result (deep penetrating shots with pace and spin) and arm protection.

If your racquet does not have enough weight (mass) there are numerous problems that occur:

  1. The racquet does not absorb the shock of ball and racquet collision and the shock is transferred to your arm resulting in wrist, elbow and shoulder problems.
  2. The racquet slows down at contact because there is not enough weight to plow through the contact area and maintain its speed resulting in weaker shots with less pace, less depth, and less spin.

AVERY Racquets proven method of racquet design give you the following benefits:

  1. At contact AVERY Racquets absorb the shock of racquet and ball collision making it easier and more comfortable on the arm, which means less wrist, elbow and shoulder problems.
  2. AVERY Racquets maintain there speed at contact and provide solid plow through the contact area which means more pace, more depth, more spin and a heavier ball to your opponents side of the court


AVERY Racquet Reviews from TennisWarehouse.com

AVERY M3 Power 95

To tap into the power potential of the M3 Power it takes a long, fast swing style indicative of an advanced player. Once in motion, the considerable heft of this racquet offers impressive plough through on both groundstrokes and volleys. At net this racquet remains impressively solid and stable. One can feel the ball compress on the stringbed as the heft of the racquet refuses to give way even when volleying hard struck shots. Slower swings yield plenty of control and feel from the AVERY M3 Power. There’s ample access to spin, given that the player possesses the strength and technique to generate fast swing speeds with the high swingweight. On serve, power also comes from the weight and stability of the racquet. Fast swing speeds have serves leaving the stringbed with a healthy thwack, leading to excellent pace and weight of shot. The stringbed offers plenty of bite on the ball, allowing for good ball movement on slice and topspin serves.

AVERY M5 110

Offers a true player’s racquet feel in a forgiving, oversize headsize, this racquet offers plenty of all court playability. There’s good access to spin with this one on both groundstrokes and serves. You’ll find an impressive level of bite on topspin shots, some nice weight and lots of control. While some oversize racquets possess hot spots of power, we found nothing but a consistent, control oriented response from this one. The Avery M5 Oversize feels maneuverable and offers a stable and solid response at net. This racquet is equally well suited to attacking net rushers and doubles players as it is at offering excellent control, pace and feel for aggressive baseline players. Players seeking traditional control and feel with the benefit of a few extra square inches will love what the AVERY M5 Oversize has to offer.

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